BACH Chapter 23 Outline

Chapter 23: Ruth Tringham and others

Draft as of Sept 22. 2006

Sensing the place of Building 3: color, light, shadow, sound, texture, smell etc. etc. (bringing in experimental house among other things).
8000 words, 2 pages of illustrations
23.1.1. Intro: building on the digital media introduced in chapter 18: re-contextualising the media.
23.2.1. Theoretical foundations for the Senses of Place:
23.2.2. Theories of Place
23.2.3. Sensual archaeology: synaethesia
23.2.4. Database narratives
23.2.5. Remediation of Place
23.2.6. Reflexive methodology: Multivocality
23.3.3. Catalhöyük as a location to experience the senses of place

The multiplicity of sensations
Senses of Place in History and Prehistory
Expressing the senses of place
– Writing text
– Images:
o drawing,
o photography
o film
o computer-generated imagery: immersive, 3D
Remediated Places
Sounds and soundscapes
Landscapes of the Mind (Porteous)
Mapping the experience of place GIS
CatalVideoPlace (Remediated Places) project: theoretical framework, layered memories and senses
Reenactments and replicas
BACH and memory
R Stanford piece
R memory thing (continuing from ch 18)


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