Defining the Çatalhöyük Walk-Legs 23 May 2006

23 May SM
Remediated places

Index of legs at Çatal. These form the basis for categorizing the Videos

Leg 01: Walk from Guard’s House to North area
Leg 02: Node at Building 5
Leg 03: Node at BACH
Leg 04: Node at 4040
Leg 05: Walk from North to summit
Leg 06: Node at TP
Leg 07: Walk from TP to IST
Leg 08: Node at IST
Leg 09: Walk from IST to South Shelter
Leg 10: Node at South Shelter
Leg 11: Walk from South Shelter to Guard’s House
Leg 12: Node at Flotation area
Leg 13: Walk from Flotation/Compound to North area
Leg 14: Node in and around Compound
Leg 15: Node at Guard’s House/Experimental House/Entrance/Cafe
Leg 16: Perimeter walk

Other possible legs

Walk from North area to Flotation
Isn’t there a walk from the compound to the summit/TP? I have a clip
of following the Poles up to the summit in the early morning. Maybe
Colleen should check on this phenomenon. It’s a substantial path – to
accomodate the Poles….


~ by chimeraspider on October 29, 2006.

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