First Try at the Interface 31 May 2006

We had an Interface Discussion on 31 May 2006 and Steve went ahead and created a Powerpoint thing to try and visualize it.

The interface

We have been thinking about a possible interface for this project
drawing on the South Shelter roof space metaphor to inegrate different
media. The idea is to enable users to explore the site and at each
chosen leg either: select different media combinations and create
re-mediated places; or to select different scenarios that are
pre-authored. Here is a link to a powerpoint presentation
exploring this idea.

We now need to see how we could make this interface – or something
similar- work!

This is a Powerpoint of Steve’s first design of the Remediated Places Interface. Click to download it.

RP Interface_SM_31Aug06

Here are thumbnails of each slide
Slide 1
RP_Interface01_SM_Slide 1

Slide 2
RP_Interface01_SM_Slide 2

Slide 3
RP_Interface01_SM_Slide 3

Slide 4
RP_Interface01_SM_Slide 4


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