Plan while Steve in SF 23-27 May 2006

Project plan while Steve in SF

Decide on the design and media of the interface

* Will it be based on a wiki (or similar) so that Steve can continue
to work on when back in Cardiff?
* Where will it live: Basecamp, Traumwerk?
* What will it look like? Use the south shelter roof space metaphor
* Discuss with Michael about interface and getting photography for
agreed upon legs.

Legs to work on
Leg 01 from the Guard’s House to North and lead into Leg 03
about the BACH area. This will enable us to start at the beginning of
a site tour and to integrate the ideas of memory associated with the
BACH area (plus there will be much media from BACH available to
demonstrate how the layering can be implemented effectively).
Include the Experimental House Leg 15.

This is agreed (27th May 2006) so we will work on two nodes
(Experimental House and BACH) and a walk Guard’s House to North.

Decided that walk (leg 01) will be from path to North so that walking
in through the entrance is part of Leg 15 in and around
Entrance/Guard’s House/Experimental House.

Comments on this post:

Michael Ashley said… (30 May 06, looking at version 1)
I think it makes sense that the documents and the site move from BaseCamp to a wiki once we get it to a more or less narrative state. This will also make it more accessible for the public.

Ruth Tringham said… (07 Jun 06, looking at version 2)
Steve and Michael: When I (or anyone else) video someone on a walk-leg, do you think this should be a senses layer or a memory layer eg. the Poles walking to TP or the conservators walking to South in the early morning?

Steve Mills said… (12 Jun 06, looking at version 2)
Ruth: I think those clips should go into the senses layer in the first instance. If there is commentary from those walking that fits with the memory layer then it could go into that category instead. A memory contribution could always be added later. Hope this helps.]


~ by chimeraspider on October 29, 2006.

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