RP ideas for Çatalhöyük 23 May 2006

Ideas as we go

* For information layer we could juxtapose Ian’s commentary for
audio tour with Ruth’s more personal commentary on her 2004 tour.

* Use commentary on Ruth’s 2004 tour about BACH for the memories

* From Ruth’s 2004 tour have video and commentary around 4040
excavation area shifted east from its position in 2005. This also
being sand-bagged at end of season so can fit with memories layer.
Commentary about 2004 excavation areas now covered up.

* From Ruth’s 2004 tour, BACH tent over the TP area, idea for memory
as it is the only record of it ever being there before it blew
away. 2005 TP has very different shelter.

* Interesting the amount of change between 2004 and 2005 on the
mound RE tents and excavations; we are also trying to think about
changes 9000 years ago!

* Leg 11 from South Shelter to Guard’s House always seems to include
philisophical musings. We (as archaeologists) have engaged with
features on the mound during our walk, or daily work, and now its
time to reflect on them. Do visitors do likewise? Did people in
the past do likewise when walking from the mound and looking out
beyond the village towards the wider landscape?

* From Ruth’s 2001 video, in the compound some wings have not yet
been built and the configuration of labs is different compared to
2005. On the mound the 4040 does not exist, the BACH tent is
present, no South shelter, Experimental house not finished. This
could all fit very well with the memories layer. Again it
emphasises the amount of change that has occurred in a few years.

* 2001 video includes an evening walk around the perimeter path,
this is a potential leg.

* 2005 video tape 4 clips 13-25 have good hand ballets of excavation
in 4040 including baby burials, different excavation techniques of
hoeing, trowelling and fine burial work.

* Agreed that we will work on Legs 01 Guard’s House and and 03 BACH
to include ideas about memory. Also Leg 15 to include the
Experimental House to explore how this may limit/expand/direct
thoughts about living and senses of place 9000 years ago.

* Include some of the South shelter roof space ballet to complement
the interface metaphor.
1997 Videotape made by Sonya Atalay on a Hi8 camera
* 1997 video clip 1 includes shots inside BACH tent with music
playing in the background, includes Ruth excavating as opposed to
doing the video.
1997 Clip 2 Contains footage of
sheep just outside north side of compound.
1997 Clip 3 old tent city.
1997 Clip 4 BACH dorm hut.
1997 Clips 5, 6, 7 around BACH.
1997 Clip 7 North to
summit (nearly).
1997 Clip 9 South area called Mellaart at this time.
1997 Clip 10 South to compound.
1997 Clip 11 compound.
1997 Clip 12 flotation.
1997 Clip 13 compound.
1997 Clip 14 compound to North.
1997 Clip 15 BACH.
1997 Clip 16 compound to North.
1997 Clip 17 BACH.
1997 Clip 18 compound to North.
1997 Clip 19 inside BACH (repeat from clip 1 but longer).
1997 Clip 20 Building 1(5) with shot to KOPAL.
1997 Clip 21 BACH (with Sonya axcavating).
1997 Clip 22 compound (in hut).

* as part of the interface we could include commentary boxes to
intergect ideas into video streams, e.g. when viewing walking in
dust clips, could have a commentary (text) box appear that
includes ideas about boots, dust, ephemerality etc. Users could
then include their own commentary at points that interest or
intrigue them.

* shall we have a guiding gopher taking users through the mound to
grasp ideas of temporailty and the development of the settlement
space (i.e. it is not “frozen in time”).

* explore themes and collate media associated with shadows,
footprints (steps) and dust to convey ideas to do with
ephemerality and the archaeology of intangibles. This could also
incorporate fire, smoke and water. Steve will work on this mini
project in Cardiff and this will help getting into new Premier


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