RP Interface 3rd Brainstorm, 2 June 2006

June 2, 2006. (En route to Ft Ross: RET, MA, SM), summarized by SM
The Interface

Ideas following a conversation en route to Fort Ross

Friday 2nd June 2006 we discussed the Remediated Places interface on a
car journey to Fort Ross. To get Michael up to speed, Ruth and Steve
talked through the concept with the aid of a print-out from the
Powerpoint presentation. We talked about the South Shelter metaphor,
then what we were aiming for RE the interface. We thought we were
aiming high with the idea of users being able to integrate different
media to create their own Remediated places, but Michael thinks it is
all doable if we use Flash.

Talked about how we would present the diferent media (video, audio,
images, text etc) in the interface and decided that using primitives
(icons) to represent the different media would be best option. We may
want to use standard primitives used in other applications and that
people are already familiar with e.g. a T or A for text, and i for
info. We may also create our own primitives that are consistent
through out the interface; a wavy primitive for audio, an obloid
primitive for video.

Talked about how users would be presented with media options when
there is, for example, more than one video clip for a leg. These could
be stacked primitives.

We liked the idea that users could have the possibility to contribute
comments in text format at points in media streams to express their
ideas. For example, in a video stream there may be a point that makes
a user think about a certain topic or contradict some commentary, they
would then be able to annotate that media stream at particular
locations with their musings. When this particular media stream is
next played back, the users commentary would appear in a text box at
the appropriate point in the timecode.

We talked about the possibility of creating a database or similar that
collates the various media configurations that users select for any
given walk or node. This could provide a log of how the interface is
used and what type of media configurations are selected; which are
most popular etc


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