RP second brainstorm for BACH Ch23. 28 May 2006

28 May 2006
BACH Chapter 23 brainstorm summarized by SM:
Chapter 23 brainstorm

Ruth Tringham, Steve Mills, Michael Ashley

Sensing the place of Building 3: color, light, shadow, sound, texture, smell
etc. etc. (bringing in experimental house among other things).

8000 words, 2 pages of illustrations
Senses of Place: an intro

  • The multiplicity of sensations
    Senses of Place in History and Prehistory
    Expressing the senses of place
  • – Writing text
    – Images:
    o drawing,
    o photography
    o film
    o computer-generated imagery: immersive, 3D Sounds and soundscapes
    o Landscapes of the Mind (Porteous)
    Mapping the experience of place GIS
    CatalVideoPlace project
    Reenactments and replicas

    Steps in expressing senses of place

    1. Primary dature collection: including on-site video recording, sound
    recording, photography, mapping via GPS waypoints and tracks. This
    includes discussing ideas (rehearsals) following selected routes and
    then repeating the process without commentary.

    2. Media downloading, logging, storage and back-up.

    3. Re-viewing and organising of individual media into manageable units
    of legs (walks and nodes).

    4. Integrating differnt media clips based on legs -organised via a
    spreadsheets or database.

    5. Selecting legs on which to work on as a proof of concept.


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