RP_The Product – a discussion 31 May 2006

The Product (RET)

For Catal 2006: video podcast for Experimental House; alternative (to
Ian’s) audio tour focussing on memory and senses of place from
Guardhouse to North. For the Interpretive Center also a Stand alone
interactive presentation which will be the same as the “real thing”
described below.

The real thing (or the proof of concept): online interface using south
shelter metaphor focussing on legs 01, 03, and 15. Here we will
provide alternative juxtaposed audio-visual commentary on the
“real-time” (2005) tour. The commentaries will focus on the three
alternative modes: information (Ian), senses of place, memories of
place. I am thinking it would be fun to juxtapose Ian’s audio inside
the experimental house with our various video clips.

Longer term aim is to provide a wiki-like interface which allows
contributions/embellishments from others. So users provide input that
builds on the roof stucture metaphor (we provide the initial
scaffolding from which it grows). So the virtual south shelter can
potentially expand to include the whole site and beyond.


~ by chimeraspider on October 29, 2006.

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