Meditating on mediation

people matterI have added a total seven icon primitives:

  1. People: You can select a person to ‘guide’ you, or to share the journey with you.
  2. Remix molecule: A combination of text, image, movie, photo, sound, person. You can add this to other media, but the piece must be played whole. We agreed this is important, since it is an edited, creative piece.
  3. Movie: A video clip, can be re-edited.
  4. Sound: Song, ambient or voice-over.
  5. Image: Photo, drawing, sketch or other image.
  6. Text: Note, bibliographic reference, description, etc.
  7. Path: A walk, or other prescribed journey, the glue that holds the media together.

My task tomorrow is to bring this all together, into an actual usable interface that works with the story. Fortunately, Ruth and I worked very hard on the script yesterday and I think we are onto something doable. The idea is to keep to 12 minutes. I think this is crucial, as there will be gaps and pauses and breaks, and if we can keep to time, we will be much more impressive.

This is seriously fun. I never would have thought to use iTunes as a media portal, but now that I have, I rebuild the RAVE: Real Audiences, Virtual Excavations, to work inside of iTunes. I am going to podcast the lot tomorrow as part of all of this.

Check it,


rave in itunes


~ by Michael Ashley on November 11, 2006.

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