Experience at Catalhoyuk 2007: CatDV to Portfolio

In a post on the OKAPI blog, I have described the rationale this summer at Çatalhöyük for Steve Mills and me to create an Extensis Portfolio catalog of our combined audiovisual assets for the Remediated Places project. In this post I am describing the technical path and considerations of going from the video cataloging software SquareBox CatDV to the general asset management software Extensis Portfolio:

Step 1: Rename the clips to be consistent with your system (Michael Ashley says that this is unnecessary, but Steve and I think it is very useful)

  • For batch rename, select the clips
  • Depending on how complicated the renaming is, use a combination of Tools>“Search and Replace” and Tools>“Bulk Edit”. Once you were out the rename, it’s very quick

Step 2: Make a mirror movie file of the clip preview.

  • File>Export movie>
    • export low-resolution preview movie
    • flatten (make self-contained)
    • export to a watch folder that you have established (ours is CatalVidPortfolio)

Step 3: Finish indexing clip in CatDV
take advantage of CatDVs possibility of noting the clip actions at the timeline
fill in the fields (if appropriate, use Tools>bulk edit.

Step 4: Export the clip metadata as a text/tab file

  • Create a View (see toolbar across the top) “For Portfolio” .
    • In the View pull-down menu, choose Customize”
    • Move the fields you want into the right-hand column, and up or down as desired
  • In this view, choose the fields that you want to show and their sequence (default is alphabetical)
  • Select all or some of your clips using the grouping fields (pull-down menu on the left). For all clips in a catalog, use the “Catalog” field.
  • File>Export>As Tab-separated text

Step 5: Create your Portfolio catalog, as usual, with a watch folder that is the one in which you have been exporting the CatDV clip movies eg CatalVidPortfolio.

Step 6: Fields in CatDV and Portfolio catalog must match or be matchable by you. You have created user fields in CatDV. These tend to be dorky because they are attached to the user rather than the catalog i.e. They expect you to use the same set of fields for every catalog that you create. Portfolio, on the other hand, attaches fields to the catalog.

  • Create your user fields in the Portfolio catalog that mirror CatDV’s (you will need to be in Administrator status). Since Portfolio is set up primarily to handle still images, its automatic xml (technical) fields for audio and video tend to be fewer than those that CatDV export. On the other hand, do you need all the video details in Portfolio when you already have them in CatDV.
  • So you will need to think and discuss (as did we) what is the purpose of the Portfolio (as opposed to the CatDV) catalog, before you decide on what technical fields to import from CatDV. In the end we decided to import fields that dealt with time and camera

Step 7: Follow Michael Ashley’s protocols for renaming/keywording and set the Portfolio syncing (importing) with your watch folder new items in motion.

Step 8: Import the field values into Portfolio.

  • File>Import Field Values
  • Find the text-tab file that you exported from CatDV. (Hopefully you checked that it was in good order and correct and beautiful)
  • Match the fields from each side to import those that you want and reject those that you don’t, with the filename being the key field
  • Import. If it doesn’t work, it’s usually because the key field is not matching correctly.

~ by chimeraspider on September 13, 2007.

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